Frequently Asked Questions

Are RSQ and RSQ Dogs+ the same?

Yes! We used be known as RSQ DOGS+, but are now RSQ. We are the same people and the same mission!

Do you adopt outside of St. George, Utah?

Yes, but we still require a home check. Typically, this means we only adopt to cities close to us. If an animal will require any vet follow ups after adoption, they must stay local until we can complete our vetting process.

Does RSQ take animals from the public?

As a general rule, no. Our first priority is to rescue animals from the underserved areas of rural Utah, and that keeps us very busy. We suggest reaching out to family, friends, and your local shelter for help, and use caution when rehoming online to someone you don’t know.

Occasionally, RSQ will accept animals from the public, and our surrender fee is $50. If you feel you have a unique circumstance, contact us.

What is RSQ’s policy on animals released to us from the Hildale/Colorado City Impound?

After an animal has been in the Hildale/Colorado City impound for the required “stray hold” time, in lieu of euthanizing the animal, the local police now calls RSQ to come get the animal. At that time the animal is legally released to us for vetting and adoption. If you see your lost animal on our Facebook page, website, or we scan the animal and find a microchip, here is our policy for you to claim your animal:

Proof of ownership
Initial pick up and vetting fee: $75
Medical costs incurred: Varies per animal
Per day boarding fee: $25

If you live in the Hildale/Colorado city area and are missing your animal, please contact the police impound within three days.

Can I take stray animals to RSQ?

No, all strays need to go to appropriate municipal shelters to give their owners a chance to claim them. If they are unclaimed, then they will be placed for adoption or taken in by a local rescue.

St. George city shelter: (435) 627-4350
Washington city shelter: (435) 673-7194
Hurricane city shelter: (435) 635-8314
Ivins city shelter: (435) 628-1049